Allow myself to introduce... myself



My name is Allan and I am honoured to be a guest blogger for Leslie and the good people at Fat Buddha.

I have been spunking my wages in the store for a while now and can hand on heart say there is no better shopping experience in Scotland. (Right, that sould make sure my discount continues).

I have my own blog over at which basically serves as a daily portal into my life as a 'big time dj fae up the toon'.

I really hope my humourous observations and social commentary prove to be a worthwhile addition to this quality weblog.

As I write this the time is 4.45am on Friday morning and I plan to watch a bit of Iron Man on DVD and crash out, but before I do i'll leave you with something for the weekend.

As I mentioned before I am infact a 'big time DJ from up the toon' so 'tis only right I end on a musical note. Here's a little mash up that being doing some damage on the dancefloors.

It comes from Los Angeles native, Steve1Der. Steve is a diamond geezer and has gave some of my mash-ups spins out in the states,

Enjoy it for now and i'll check back in soon.

Electric Touch - DJ Steve1Der


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