Shoe Customs

Bought some of our new Angelus paints this week to try them out. I have an old pair of Nike Air Flights, used for basketball, in the worst colours imaginable (I'm not proud, but I am cheap) so I thought I'd complete them and turn them into true bad taste. I also saw it as a chance to experiment with the paint and see how it works so I could truthfully give advice to any inquistitive customers. 

Answer-Shoe customising is really, really hard. Remondelling kicks is an extremely laborious but ultimately very enjoyable experience. But it's incredibly difficult. The paint ran every where, the detail was tricky, the fact it's a 3D object is a nightmare. But at the end of it, I looked at the terrible shoe I had created and realised that the whole time I had been the calmest I had felt in ages. The patience and devotion involved was probably beyond my impatient and lazy self but it's great.

And you can create stuff like this:

More over at my blog on the sidebar or try

Check this wee video of this guy, some good advice here. Particularly the acetone, as I discovered.



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