We have the technology to rebuild him....

Well well. Yup I'm late with my post again this week. I do have a good reason though, you see I've been upgrading my computer... OK upgrading isn't quite right cos the only thing that remains from the old version is the case, everything else from power supply to Quad Core CPU has been upgraded to top spec. So I've spent the last few days getting it all up and running and reinstalling all my apps and putting all my old files onto the 2 Terabytes of HDD that I stuck in there.

If you're free on Friday 17th of October then get yourself down to Fiasco in the Brunswick Hotel. If you're looking for a great night out with some of the funkiest people you're ever likely to meet then this could be the night out you're looking for. Here's the skinny on the boys and the beats...

This month Fiasco, brings you their Ten Ten Ten party, and with it, the greatest deep house outfit the UK has ever produced...none other than the mighty INLAND KNIGHTS!!!!

The knights consists of Andy Riley and Lawrence Ritchie who met in 1993 through their involvement Dj'ing with the legendary UK free party crew - Smokescreen sound system.

By 1998, Ritchie moved to Nottingham with what little studio kit he'd had in Sheffield, joined the To ka Project studio and began to put together the Drop label whilst producing closely with Riley.

The Drop Music catalogue now has 56 releases to its credit, and is renowned in the dance music community for the quality and consistency of its work.

Drop is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year and the guy's are touring to let their fans get a piece of the action.

After having not visited Glasgow for nearly 4 years, we at Fiasco are honoured to be the only Scottish date on this prestigious Drop tour.

TICKETS: This event is non ticketed, and is likely to be the fastest sell out we have had so far at Fiasco and we urge you do arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Look forward to seeing you in there for the usual Funky Fiasco Frolics!

With a combined experience of over twenty years behind the decks, and having not teamed up since Ibiza '05, Fiasco residents Ed-FM! and Frazer Devine take to the wheels of steel to create their own unique clubbing experience.With Ed's original jackin' "Chicago" sound being rare among the Glasgow clubs, it is a welcome sound to all who are lucky enough to catch a funky earful.Frazer on the other hand creates his own soulful blend of new york vocal house mixed in a way that is clearly his own.These two self made DJ's coming together, brings a whole new environment to the intimate basement club of Glasgow's Brunswick Hotel, Basura Blanca.Rather than a big space between the DJ's and the crowd, this venue has been chosen so that the DJ's can get involved, and have fun with the party goers.This is looking to be one of Glasgow's most fun, friendly and successful new nights for years.

I'll be popping along on Friday night and I'll be sure to report on events.


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