Trick or Treat?

Hey guys i'm Fraser, and welcome to my first entry for Fat Buddha.
I'm gonna kick things off with some seasonal picks being that it's Hallowe'en on friday... these should sort you out if you don't want to go to too much hassle with a costume, and hey, wear them every year - who's gonna remember?!

First up we've got a shirt and Novelty mug from Stussy, a simple design and the shirt comes in black too:

Second up we've got the latest limited edition shirts from Bostons finest Johnny Cupcakes, I think the Jason Vorhees one might be my personal favourite:

Last up is a crazy collabo by Ecko and Star Wars, I wouldn't wear this personally cos white hoodies jus don't do it for me, but i'm a total geek who loves Star Wars and Marc Ecko has some great stuff:

...Finally Costume-wise, if all else fails you could just try recreating this:

Hope everyone has a 'spooky' Hallowe'en, eats plenty candy and watches Michael Jackon's "Thriller" video repeatedly.

Fraser x


Anonymous said…
Have to agree with fraser, the Jason one is a personal favourite (next to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. :)

Nice blogging!
Anonymous said…
Good first blog Fraser, keep em coming.

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