November Toy Releases from Kid Robot

Well the season is almost upon us and Kid Robot are stepping up and bringing a few crimbo-themed goodies for you to put in your significant others stocking.

First up is the new 3" seasonal KR Dunny release; Reindeer Dunny designed by Chuckboy.

This little dude looks kinda kinky with his harness and whip..... The detailing looks pretty sweet, especially the little antlers. These would be cool to put on your tree as decorations! This and the Gingerbread release last year are great examples of KRs commitment to bring us something a little special at this time of year

Speaking of Xmas decorations KR are releasing a different version of their mini Munny especially themed to be used as a decoration. It even has a little loop in his head for easy installation. The accessories packed in with this one keep the crimbo theme going. This is quite an obvious idea, but it's definately a good one. Maybe you should try your hand at making a mini Munny deoration. Maybe Leslie could make a crimbo competition out of it....

What would Xmas be without everyones favourite fat man, no not John Candy!! I'm talking about old Santa!! Well tis the season to be jolly if you're a Peecol/eboy fan cos this new Santa version is looking pretty sweet!! Looking at this figure he seems pretty chilled, maybe he's getting into meditation, in any case it's shaping up to be a cook Yule for all toy fans!!


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