Obey - Supply & Demand (re-stocked)

After a long wait we have the Obey - Supply & Demand book back in stock & online.

This is one meaty tomb, and it is packed to exploding with everything you want to see, and what about the price, a measly £35, yes pick yourself up from the floor, it is that cheap.

With Santa just round the corner, this book will make a great addition to anyones Xmas list.
Go on, you know you want to, or pop into store and say hi.

Supply and Demand is the book that finally does justice to Shepard Fairey's entire body of work, a massive retrospective covering 17 Years of this groundbreaking artist's prodigious output.
Through the lens of esteemed writers and critics such as Carlo McCormick, Steven Heller and Roger Gastman, Fairey's work is seen for all its depth and placed in context as art, design, social experiment and "getting over".

This massive book pulls no punches and all areas of the enigmatic artist's work, travels and travails are illuminated; from exhibitions, posters, flyers, silkscreens and stickers to high altitude pursuits, citations and police beatings, it's all documented in a museum quality layout and binding.

The evidence is in, and it's clear that Shepard Fairey is not one to rest on his laurels, the work must go on. For both long time fans wanting the complete collection and those just curious to know what this OBEY business is all about Supply and Demand is the answer.


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