Black Books

Hi guys, this week I'm going to be talking about Black Books. Fat Buddha stock a costume Fat Buddha Black book with our logo on the front. these Books come in two sizes A4 and A5. The paper quality is really high and it has loads of pages. The book is protected by a stiff cover to stop your sketches getting messed up, and are a reasonable price too. Sadly i can't take any pictures this week as the cameras still broke but I've found some pictures on the web. None of these pictures are mine i take no credit.

So what do you use your Black Book for?
well first off you can start Simple, some tags or throw-ups:

Then you could move on to some advance wildstyles or Burners. These take years of sketching to perfect and take some time to do:

Black books are the very beginning of graffiti, its were you keep all your work, where you practise, where your masterpieces are created. Any piece that's every been on a wall has probably been in a black book first. Black are an essential piece of kit.

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