For Xmas i want a

Right, this is the nicest roller bag ive seen in ages, im a sucker for some good luggage and this Gravis v The Hundreds Colab ticks all the boxes.

Available from the good guys down at Focus on Queen Street, soon to be at Argyle Street. Or from Size round on Union Street.

The Hundreds are huge and this Black Box series is the lates incarnation from Gravis, previous colabs have been with Stash, Staple Design and to be honest were all shit and couldnt sell for love or money, think focus still have some pieces left.

There are more items in the range, some dodgy shoes that should be avoided but get yourself down to Focus and grab one of these bags.

The Hundreds make all the best T/shirts, Fat Buddha are the only stockists in Glasgow, T's sell for £28 and the last delivery is starting to run down with only a few sizes left over now.


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