Another one bites the dust

This truly is the season for it, but sad to say Joy on Queen st has went tits up.

Only been in the shop a few times, couldn't find anything to buy, so maybe no great surprise, but know a few folk who work there and this is a shit time to be on the dole, not many jobs out there.

Strange shop Joy was, similar in ways to Fat buddha, but with a greater concentration on ladies clothing, where-as we have being reducing the amount of ladies wear every season.

You ladies are just to canny to buy into the trap of buying labels, guys will pay £100 for an addict jaket (even though addit are shit) but you girls wont, you'll go to Pri-mani and get a jacket, shoes, and jeans from river island and still have hange left over, we guys are dumb-asses.

One of the problems i noticed with Joy was they had stores in really shit locations, East Kilbride, Dundee & Inverness, come on and you wonder why you went under, for a start the rent for your queen st store was £100,000 +, a shit load of money for a crap street.

Queen st used to be busy when Flip, Cult, Original shoe were all there, but now, empty units and pubs are all it seems to consist of.
Inverness must be the worst place to open a Joy store, that area only want Bam brands, Henleys, Bench, Laoste & such, do they want cool indie fashions, hmmm do celtic want Balde on their payroll, big fat no.

Joy wont be the last casualty by a long stretch, Faith just got resued, Cube got bought for £1 (just before they went tits up), Original Shoe were losing £7million before JD stepped in and swallowed them up.

USC are looking terrible just now, horrible product and no direction, they could be not far behind.

But with Xmas looming most of them should be fine, but by the end of Jan, a few big ones will be on their arses.

Business is tough, Fat Buddha struggles, but with hard work and some goos buying decisions we get by.


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