Landed in New York

Right, a delayed honeymoon for me, thanks to Qantas and Siobhan having to put in holiday requests 12 months in advance, we flew from Edinburgh to New York, first flight was full so we had a three hour wait and got seats on the next flight to New York.

Continental food was possibly the best airline foood i have tasted, and thats no mean feat, but the in flight entertainment was sadly pretty grim, 12 seats sharing a small screen and what were the movie options, Batman, no not the dark knight but the one with George Clooney, now that is an old film, and to be fair not even a good old film.

Landed and made our way to our hotel, The Bentleygreat hotel on Manhattan along from Central Park.  Visited all the main department stores, as you would expect all pretty slick and if you have been to  Selfridges you will know what to expect.

Lafayette on the other hand is all together a different beast, all the independents are there, Transit, Nort Recon, Blades, 55 DSL, WESC, Brooklyn Industries and the Daddy of them all Supreme, this brand is not well known but in Street wear circles they are the kings, every street wear store in the world would love to stock this brand and they keep it tight as hell, a handful of stockists worldwide ensure the brands prestige.

Then to keep Siobhan happy I went to a Broadway show, ‘Boeing Boeing’, was surprised at how famous some of the actors were, boss guy from Ally McBeal, mom from Cybil, the show was great, funny and the actress playing Gabriella was mighty fine, so id done my first Broadway show, washed down with a Starbucks and topped of with a bad boy pizza.  Need to give to the Americans they do make the best pizza I have ever tried, even the plain margarita pizza is tastier than any other pizza I have tried.

So we had 3 nights in New York, all shopped out and all I had bought were 2 bags for my mate Al from the Supreme store, not one thing for myself, indeed it does suck the big one.

Got to the airport early for the flight to Cancun, turned out the flight was even fuller then we expected, it was touch and go for a bit, but we got the very last 2 seats for the flight down to Mexico.


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