Paint Vs Ink

Hi guys, I have a camera this week so i have some new pictures, at long last. This weeks post is going to be on paint Vs Ink, there is also going to be a few extra pictures at the bottom to make up for the time without a camera. So where to begin...

The markers i was using were a 30mm monster marker filled with dark blue ink, and a 15m dark blue paint marker. They were both tested on a big sheet of wood and here's how they looked,

This is the first time I've used ink, and i was pleasantly surprised, the ink flows really well, drips like crazy. Only downfall is that it doesn't cover that good. Another positive is that it stains very very well, as i found out on the way in the house,
I've used a paint marker a good few times and the results are pretty constant, covers great, drips if you pump the nib enough but can be removed easier than ink.

Just watch when your writing in the rain cause that's S**** messy!!

So if your trying to decide whether or not to buy Ink or paint, its really up to your preference of cover or stain. Paint for cover, ink for stain. Or if your really into it, pop into Fat Buddha and buy both, or log onto with next day delivery.

Here's a picture of both the markers and the Fat Buddha black book from last week, thanks for reading

Regards, Calum.


Anonymous said…
Very nice

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