More Bad News

Sixty UK, the business behind the Miss Sixty brand has gone into administration (tits up to you and me).

Some smart guys are trying to restructure the business and all stores and concessions will keep on trading for just now.

Miss Sixty seemed to be huge for a few years, all the girls were wearing are wanted to be wearing a pair of Miss Sixty jeans, then they done that dodgy menswear label called energie, all the lads shops sold it, the product was gash and the fit was slim and a bit to european for the beefier scottish guy (me).
So it seems even the big buys and miss sixty are there with them are not imune to lowering consumer spending, so tighten the old belt.
Urban Outfitters are looking for a new boss after Martin Parker the european director buggerd off, hope the new guy or gal can do a better job then Martin, as Urban has never impressed, especially the Glasgow store, the ground floor is full of mostly shit, overpriced aswell, for example we sell Mr Men Cards for £2, £2.50 for the same card, but i suppose you are paying for the shopping experience.
Well it sure is an experience wondering what member of staff is going to be the most hideously dressed and they all try hard to get that prize.
Menswear floor is great, when its on sale, but i did notice some rather nice North Face Jackets the other day, was hoping t see some Barbour Jackets but alas its Aspecto who are selling them by the bucket load.
Colours to look out for.
A selection of leading retailers were asked for the 5 most popular colours for Autumn 08
1. Purple
2. Brown
3. Grey
4. Black
5. Green
So there you go, purple is the daddy, that'll be why i have 3 purple T's in my suitcase on holiday just now, (currently in New York and fly down to Mexico tomorrow, sorry to rub it in)


Mark Buckland said…
Somebody's reading Drapers magazine on the beach this week... Hope you guys are having a great time.

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