Fake BAPE (not just on ebay)

Cafe Society has indeed fallen on hard times, how bad the store has got beggers belief, openly selling fake BAPE clothing & footwear to their loyal customers, tut tut indeed. (dont try & visit their website its got trogans waiting to mess up your PC.)

I have shopped in Cafe Society for over 10 yrs and cannot believe how low they have sunk, they must be on their knees to be forced into selling fakes, the owner always was a dodgy lowlife, he copied a few t/shirts we designed years ago, he was buying them but wanted to make more money so printed his own, that tells you what kind of guy he is.

This dodgy lil hobbit guy (above) was trying to sell me BAPE hoodies for £20, i asked where they real and he assured me in a dodgy acent they were.


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