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Sundays suck and sundays are boring, if you have managed to tear yourself away from all the omnibuses that pervade the screen on a sunday afternoon then i have just the website for you.

Are you interested in graffiti & street art, wouldn't mind winning a prize or 2, then visit , this website was setup years ago by Duncun Cumming, mainly as a photography site, people post all the graffiti pictures from over Scotland.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dunan and his better half in the store a while back, thoroughly nice guy and lady, he does the website for no recompense for his-self and i imagine at times he's felt like packing it in.
The site is well used by the younger writers and unfortunately the older writers dont frequent it as much as they should.

There is a definite bias to Glasgow & Edinburgh, but the Dundee boys do post up some good pieces.
The main action happens on the forum, any frequenter of normal forums will know the etiquette, polite answers, good on conversation and banter. No, not here, the average age is at school and the threats of violence from are never far away, the slaggings go on and i have joined in a few and been victim of a few over the past year.

The best thread is titled Shakewell for ever, fuck fat buddha (there fags) , it runs for about 24 pages and keeps on going, the abbreviated jist of it is, 'i am a fat baldy prick and you should shop in Shakewell cause fat buddha is a trendy fag shop and im just in it for the money'. Give it read it can be funny at points and i reckon a few keyboards were broken by the keyboard gangsters.

Thereis a great section of pictures where you can look at Glasgow, Edinburgh or other photos, all taken bt kids and posted up onto the sitem, all the above images were ripped from the site.

The forum does have some great young writers and the older ones tend to be chilled and all really cool guys, every week Fat Buddha sponsors the Sketch battle, people submit a sketch on a chosen words, everyone votes, the winner gets a prize and nominate the word for the next week.


Duncan said…
cheers for the mention!

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