Where are our Readers

Thats us now up to average 150 readers a day, so apart from you there are another 149 folk popping by today.
I wondered where the visitors came from, where they all from Glasgow and people who found the blog via the website www.fatbuddhastore.com, checked the site stats and thought id show you the visitor map from yesterday, so the fat buddha readers are worldwide.

75% of traffic comes from outwith the website with Dinosauria, duncan cumming, Mark Bukland and myspace being great contributors to the website, also google searches make up great traffic numbers.

We seem to be attrating 20% more readers every month and hope we offer an interesting read with something new every day, hopefully !!!! we will have some more guest posters, just need to get them onboard.

Well thanks for being one of the 150 today and please fill in the survey or leave a comment.



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