Shop Closed till Saturday

Boo Hoo, sunday night was a frantic evening, packed the whole shop into boxes and carted it all away into storage. The task of packing the shop is not to be taken lightly and with expert planning and a good list it was done in 5 hours.

Big thanks go out to Callum, Evelyn & Steven for helping out with the packing, Blue Lagoon provided us with Sausage & Fish Suppers to keep energy levels going, at times like that apples & oranges just dont cut the mustard.

The shop WILL reopen 100% on Saturday, it may even be kinda readyish friday at one point, but Saturday is the planned re-open, not so grand, no fanfare or prizes but it will be good to see some friendly faces on the day.

We have our great neighbours upstairs in Rumours to thank for closing, their dodgy plumbing caused the flood we had, the water poured in, wrote off about a third of the stock and messed the floor up big style.
Plastic pressure fittings should be banned or at least not sold to anyone who isn't certified by the Royal Federation of Plastic Push Fittings Society.

So for goodness sake its the hippy hippy shake, if some one on a street corner trys to sell you a plastic pressure fitting, just say NO, its not worth it,

The drugs don't work, they just make things worse.


Anonymous said…
Man that is pish i was in on saturday before it lol, and wiz plannin on commin in on thursday during my 2 free peroids in school.. A well hope you havnt lost to much stock and such so il see you at the weekend
Apologies for missing this mammoth task, but somehow looking at what got cleared, I'm a little glad...

Anonymous said…
hehe lol, not to bad then eh u be open at the weekend then

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