Lazy Day

Hi guys, its calum here doing my Saturday post.

This week I'm going to be posting a few picture of my graffiti. I've been sketching for years but just resently started painting. My can control is pretty poor but I'm getting there. The paint I was using came from Fat Buddha, and it was Monstercolours, Montana, and belton. I was also using a range of caps that can be found in store.
This is a quick throw-up. I was using monster paint and the colours were Blue lagoon and Traffic Yellow. They are both very bright and contrast quite well. I was using an orange dot silent fat cap which gives massive lines and surprisingly is rather quiet.

The picture below is of a tag. It was done by a Monster colours 15mm green marker, which can also be found in store. There are more pictures coming, so check back next saturday to see my first peice (a design using 4 colours).


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