Skate Team and Mum!

Hi "Middle Age Spread is Haunting Me!"

It's Leslie's Big Sis, the Mad Matriarch of the Fat Buddha crew.... finally getting to grips with new technology (still can't believe we have COLOUR TELLIES! Oh and PORTABLE PHONES!)... and having senior moments.... and now this Computer Thingy that dominates our lives...yes you know me... the smiley speccy bird, organiser and cleaner of the Fat Buddha store! Also the mum of the Fat Buddha Skating Team. Aren't my boys such cutiees! (Well I would think that). They take their skateboarding very seriously and are privileged that Leslie is their Uncle. Especially as he kits them out with cool skateboarding brands, The Hundreds, and Nike SB's etc..

Yes from their pics they have verrrry long hair!, But they getting a's a bit too 80's, they look like a cross between The One and Only....Chesney Hawkes (One Hit Wonder!), Ask your parents! Or better still You Tube him...see I'm getting to grips with this new technology thing! And a member of Guns and Roses...a rock band that Leslie likes! that says it all.

I'm a serious 80's chick, so if you pop in store and Siouxsie and the Banshees are playing or other murderous music you know is lurking about in your parents Record Collection then I'm your DJ for the duration. I apologise in advance of your visit! But I do like Amy Winebag so does that not mean I'm keeping up with the times and being hip and groovy? I also have a teenage-angst-filled-daughter that I'm taking to see Cascada (think I should whisper that) yes mums can be very embarrasing! Getting my Tutu polished and ready now!

I will post a pic of theee Haircut, when the boys finally get it! Though if any of you trendies can recommend a decent hairstylist who can cut Skater Boys hair, then I'm open to suggestions.

Great to see Mark mocking us with pics of his holibags, Glasgow is a great city to live in but it just don't cut the mustard with NY City! Mark hope to see you back soon we all missing you and I need some sanity in the workforce!! Take skateboarding pics for my boys pleeez! While he been relaxing...eating for 10..hanging about NY and drinking America dry! The rest of the Fat Buddha Crew have been working our butts off in the shop, doing a Sixty Minute Makeover.. I wish...! As you can see from Leslie's pics, lots of hard slog for the team . We been working all day Thursday till the wee small hours and I was back in Friday at 8am. Yes our dedication to the cause knows no ends! (Yes boss we know where our bread is buttered)! And Leslie been working hard too. Well done!

And all this for all of YOU, our customers. to give YOU the ultimate shopping experience, great surroundings, friendly staff, fab clothes and finally but not least, a bad (or should that be SAD?) music experience. Come on board for the ride, I promise you'll enjoy it!

Apart from being a sad old 80's throwback I'm a very serious Mature Student! As well as working in the shop, I study at Glasgow Uni, put up with my Bro's bad jokes, drink lots of vino, dream (though think nightmares a better description!) about trying on-line dating, seems a bit hazardous and expensive! (much cheaper to hang about old man pubs, particularly Bowling Clubs, cheap booze aplenty, chatting up old blokes and asking to see their trophies!) In retaliation I can bore them with pics of my darling children, or better still an intellectual discussion on The Rise of Feminist Drumming Groups in Post-War Britain!) Watch out you could be next! Oh and finally but not least, I bang my Drum in one of these such groups, next performance is the opening of the new-look store, I wish! (I have tried and failed to get Leslie to allow me and my girlie's to beat out our rythms on our drums!) You don't know what you're missing!

Yes a bit hectic for my first attempt! My keyboard is smoking! Hope you enjoyed my ranting and ravings! Catch up soon and see you in our new-look store.

Another instalment next you can't wait! And as an added bonus the Skate Team will comment on Skateboarding Facilities in Greater Glasgow.. the planet.. and Beyond! Or rather lack of them!


Jan and the Happy Gang X

PS The Fat Buddha Skating Team had their 9th birthday last week..2 x PSP's a small fortune! They got a great Book "Skate and Destroy" from Uncle Leslie of course. Just one of the many interesting and varied books available at Fat Buddha now!


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