New York Calling...

I'm sat in a Burger King in Fifth Avenue of all places. (There's no place like home...) Thought I'd just drop a quick report in, haven't got the ability at the moment to upload my photos, but will do asap.

New York has been fantastic so far. It's been about 90 degrees all week and everyone in our neighbourhood sits out on the corners and chills. Met a lot of new people and been partying plenty.

What can I say? There's probably no place quite as diverse and as interesting as this in the Western world. Been up the Empire State Building (it's very tall, aye) and lots of other touristy stuff but it's just been nice to kick back with some good people in Brooklyn and relax.

So, apologies for this very brief and uninteresting blog, but next Thursday I'll have plenty photos and stories to tell. (Might not tell that one about drinking with the bums in Central Park though...) Going to go off just now and visit Nike Town and the Recon store, so expect a report on that next week.

Until then, hope everyone's good and enjoying weather other than rain.




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