Fat Buddha Skate Team

These 2 lil kids are Cameron & Ewan, great skaters and part of a 4 man crew ripping up Kelvingrove skate park at every opportunity, The Hundreds hats never looked so good and these nephews of mine will be rockin all the best streetwear a huge disount can by, sorted them up with Nike 6.0 and The Hundreds hats already.

We will be getting more decks and trucks in next month and maybe this time we'll sticj them online, but remember fatbuddhastore for all your skate supplies.


Anonymous said…
ahahhaha aw naw dont even start this pish focus is the best skate store in glasgow no matter hwta you get in only little kids will come in and waste money on the shite you get in
Dont be a prick, it was a joke you anonymous pile of shite.

Come into the shop and say it

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