Photos from New York and more...

Having a fantastic time in New York, got to say, it's a fantastic city. Here, a few photies of what we've been up to here along with a rambling narrative.
Sorry for the squintyness-Times Square. Busy all the time, packed with tourists and people hustling CDs.
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge the other night, this is the view of Manhattan from our side.
The streetlife in New York is really exciting: we've been partying a lot with our neighbours and our street is always alive with kids skateboarding up and down and people sitting out on stoops with boomboxes and talking. Street fashion here looks remarkably like every item we sell in Fat Buddha: got in a very drunken conversation with a new mate Ty about the brands we sell and he was practically frothing at the mouth. Another soon to be satisfied customer...
Up Empire State you can see to the horizon and New York just keeps going. The tourist sites are an interesting people watching exercise-albeit hilarious in places. Conversations overheard in the Guggenheim and the Natural History museum of include grown adults having no idea what the Milky Way was (other than a chocolate bar) and complaints that Picasso's work "was a child's scribbles."
My mate Tommy with former Rangers star Dado Prso at the top of the Empire State.

So I know I promised some stuff from the Recon store-it was shut during a wander down SoHo. And NikeTown I have to say was quite disappointing. Small range of sneaks and total overkill on spandex Olympic wear emblazoned with countries names. Really naff range-the only redeeming section was Nike ID with the customising area.

So apologies for the quality of stories coming out of New York, but next Thursday I'll hopefully have some photos from the streetball tournament at Rucker Park in Harlem, some Recon store stuff and from Chicago, where I'm going for the weekend.

Until then, ciao,



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