I rock!!!

Em... well kinda. You see I finally succumbed to buying Guitar Hero when I was in my local games emporium on Sunday (Chips on Dumbarton road the only decent games shop in this city). I know I'm years behind the pack on this one but as I actually do play the guitar I always thought that the game was a bit silly so I never really considered buying it before. All that changed yesterday.

I was continuing my massive clear out and my old xbox games caught my eye....hmm... well loads of them weren't compatible with my 360 and to be honest the ones that were compatible weren't likely to ever actually see any action ever again. So off I popped with a bag of old swag with a trade on my mind. So I handed them in, got a credit note and headed back home....something caught my eye in the 360 section, you guessed it that daft Guitar Hero game (I noticed it cos Slash is on the cover) so I began to ask the shop keep (Owen if you're ever in) what tracks were on it. Truth be told I was actually quite impressed, Chili Peppers, Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, Smashing Pumpkins etc etc etc!

Sadly they never had it in for PS3 so I just got the 360 one, nonetheless I was happy enough with it so off home I went for real this time.

On my return the unholy minion was chuffed that the xbox games were gone but she looked on at the plastic guitar with dismay I could read that "You have 4 guitars and now you've brought home a plastic one!?" look on her face. Luckily I had a quick fix for this situation, the power of rock!! I quickly got the disc in, popped some rechargeable batteries into the guitar controller and handed it to the sceptic with the Foo Fighters ready to play. Ker-Plunk!!! She loved it!! Her score was OK but she swiftly improved on it when playing a Cream song, happy faces all round. Result.

Social gaming seems to be really huge right now and to be honest I think Guitar Hero might see the Ninty Wii pushed to the side when there's friends over. The neighbours are going to be ecstatic.

In short I'd def recommend this daft thing 'though the new version comes out in a couple of months so you might be better off waiting for that as it comes with more features and a new guitar with extra bits on it. I'm happy with GT3 for now, If I get really into it I might get the new one too. The faceplate also comes off the guitar that comes with GT3 so I may well geek out and tart mine up, if I do I'll post the results.

I'm off now to practice my chops on a plastic guitar.



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