Bye to the Big Apple

Last few days in New York now: had a total blast here, so many variously strange and brilliant stories to tell.

Last few days have been a mixed bag. Doing some shopping today, so will have plenty to report back on with that over the next few weeks. Obviously consistent internet access out here has been a challenge so the lack of content is frustrating. Was up in lovely Westchester county the other day in an obscure village called Valhalla, seeing a little more of the Empire State and getting stopped by the police walking on the interstate.

Thanks to our mate Clyde, we'll hopefully be going to the US Open tomorrow and watch a bit of tennis. Sports out here are an obsession and it's hard to avoid any of it. Been to see the Mets and Brett Farve fever has truly hit New York.

Short blog this time around but I've collected enough to report back over the next few weeks with a few treats, it'll just be much easier when I have consistent net access.

If you're in the NYC area over the next few days, the fifth sees Coalesce Vinyl Toy Show kick off and is well worth a look...

Anyway, props also given to the team for clearing the shop for our big renovation. I thought of you while sipping a beer with my feet up on the porch, basking in the sun. Honest...

Until later, ciao,



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