Recoat Gallery Launch Night

Toddled along last night to the latest gallery event at the quaint Recoat gallery on Nth Woodside road, this space has hosted events by Insa this year already and the colletion of names at this event did manage to draw the crowds in.

Sheone, the man who adorned every decent addict jacket for the past few years, both these pieces will set you back £1,500 each, not sure id pay it but lovely none the less.

Stash, the creative man behind Subware, great colours on here and although its expensive, a pice id loved to have bought, if the lack of a few grand was not a problem.

This collection from Insa, Futura, Joey D will kill your bank balance but how good would they look on your wall.

The 1 piece i almost so bought, only £100 for this At-At in gold and well well worth it, it is a working ipod speaker system, this is my 1 regret from the show, i should have knabbed this piece.

Loved the idea of this lil train piece, but thought that £450 was having a laugh, but creative and everyone seemed to like the concept, well executed.


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