Blog Review

Thought id take the time and start to share some of my fave blogs and websites, i reviewed cotton petal a while ago, now its time for

Good blog from Al who Dj's down at Karbon at the weekend, had a look at the website , seems to be filled with the beautiful folk indeed, dont think id get in.

Als Blog deals with films and his latest purchases, Nike Airmax Infrared (bas***d), i love those shoes, you can see an old skool theme in his film choices, from Ghostbusters to Waynes World.

Als trusty companion is the lovely Lena, Hi to Lena, Lena is a firm believer in Daiquiri's, she once used one to end third world poverty.
She also believes that children are the future and she wants to treat them well and let them lead the way, she wants to show them all the beauty they possess inside.

So ad to your faves list and check back for regular updates.


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