California schemin'

Your dreams of rapping superstardom are stymied by your Scottish sound, so what do you do? Simple: reinvent yourself as a West Coast wild boy, with American accent and history to match. But, Gavin Bain tells Decca Aitkenhead, keeping it up for two years is murder.

This is a great well written article, and its true, there is an amazing story here, Irvine Welsh is going to be making it into a screenplay and i reckon it wont be to long till it becomes a film.

Billy, one half of the duo recently closed his skate store in Dundee called Concrete Jungle, another victim of the times we live in, retail just now is tough as hell, if you dont have a good website or a good niche, you are going to struggle.

"These guys," Bain heard him say, "these guys are the real deal."
Within weeks, the pair had signed a deal with a premier management company. Within months, they had signed a record deal with Sony. They headlined small festivals, played Brixton Academy, toured with Eminem, appeared on MTV, partied with Madonna, and got paid more than £150,000.
Only, they were not the real deal at all. They were two Scottish college kids from Dundee, with fake American accents.

"Well, you're certainly entertaining - for a novelty act," one offered. "You sound," someone else suggested, "like the rapping Proclaimers."
"And that was it. We were heartbroken. We went back to Scotland with our tail between our legs."

The full article was published in the Guardian, you can read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Pity concrete closed, but to be fair the lebels werent that good, Ozzys seem to have got it sewn up there.

read the story, truth is funnier than life indeed, great read.

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