A few more Cubes doon the pan

JJB Sports has closed five of its Qube stores as turmoil for the struggling chain continues to mount.

It is reported to have closed stores today in Nottingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Blackpool and Leamington Spa.
JJB had hoped to find a buyer for its loss-making lifestyle chain, which includes Qube and Original Shoe Company. A deal has yet to be done and no buyer has yet been confirmed for its health clubs business, which many have touted as vital for the future survival of the business.
A spokesman for JJB confirmed that five Qube leases had been terminated. "Rents for the rest of the Qube store portfolio have been paid in full. This is part of the ongoing rationalisation of the business."
JJB is also under scrutiny from the Office of Fair Trading over its off-loading of some of its JJB stores to rival Sports Direct.

Cube must have been the worst shoe shop ive ever seen, a shop full of white trainers, all shite ones aswell, no wonder it went tits up, as for original shoe, ned city, JJB had a grand vision of turning original shoe into their flagship fashion chain, that business will be a weight dragging them down big style, get rid of it.
Bet the guy who sold it to JJB is relieved he managed to find a mug to take it of his hands.


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