Caps, Caps, Caps.

Hi guys, I want to begin my post this week with a massive thanks to Mark for that very flattering pictures of my 12 year old self, i know my Sunday shifts going to be full of fun because of it. So back to business and this week I'm talking about Caps for spray paint. I'm going to go through the different sizes and what they all do, so here we go:

Above is a super skinny cap. White case with a gray dot. This cap sprays a line roughly 2-3 fingers wide, which is thin, and light. Its a very good all round cap. Super skinny caps are used to highlight or outline your throw-up, peice, whatever. You have to watch with these caps though as they tend to clog quiet quickly.

Above is the Banana Skinny cap, This sprays a medium thin line and comes out heavier than the gray dot super skinny 2-3 fingers. The line that it creates is pretty sharp. This caps is also used for highlights and outlines.

Above is a Pink Dot Fat Cap. Pink dots are the fattest cap available. You can make lines 6-8 fingers (15-20 cm) in diameter. As you get closer, the weight can get very heavy. Good for filling in large areas (or making giant paintings). Works with all of the brands. With cheap generic brands, you still get an even spray, though not as wide for some reason.

Above is the Orange Dot Silent Fat Cap. This caps is similar to the Pink dot, but is lighter and softer. As the name states its also not as loud, this would be my prefered out of the two. This cap would be used to fill large areas, or for a fat outline.

Above is the Monster Supersoft Cap. This cap is medium spray, roughly 3-5 fingers and comes out lighter. This makes it great for blending to colours into each other for example in a fill. Its also the perfect cap for stencils as its doesn't overspray.

Above is the Caligraphy Cap. These caps have a special insert that creates a "linear" spray instead of the circular spray that the other caps have. That is, the spray will be wide in one direction, narrow in the other. The coolest part is that you can rotate that little insert so the line can be any direction you like vertical, horizontal, or any diagonal. Great for signing your name, or just creating cool effects.

So i hope that helps you next time your shopping in Fat Buddha for caps.

Thanks for read,


great piece calum, very informative and well written, your posts are getting better
Anonymous said…
Yeah that is a pretty good post man.
You wudnt use a super skinny for a throwup tho.

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