Gifts for Xmas

Whats Santa bringing you, well here are 4 cool gifts for you, available from Fat Buddha this Xmas.

We have the Boom box from the guys at Suck UK, just plug your lil ipod thingy into and watch this retro style boombox goto work.
Takes some batteries and sound quality is really good, priced at £20 and can be delivered next day.
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Floodlamp football lamp, unique designed lamp that takes 6 bulbs and looks like a real floodlamp.

This is a design classic, looks great and will finish of any room, coming in at at rip roaring £60, cheap as pie and bovril.

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I-pod headphones are the tiniest piece of crap headphones you can get, you need a set of bad boy bass boys, this set of bongos from the guys at WESC clothing fills that need.

Artist colabs and priced at £65, meaty price but worth every penny, only a few sets left, so do hurry.

See more here.

I love these, Drumstick Pencils, a set of H2B pencils with drum tips at the other end.

Why hasn't anyone else came up with this idea earlier on, god only knows, but a great idea none the less.

Spending time trying to get some ideas down and paper and before you know it you are battering out a crazy drum solo.

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