Drumstick Pencils sold out till Monday

Told you about these crackers the other day, but just sold out the first delivery in 2 days, these pencils are a silly £5 and will be replenished on monday, just enough time for you to grab a pair.

I love these things and if i wake up on Xmas morn and there aint a pair of these under the Xmas tree with my name wrote on it, then theres going to be a certain wife getting put over my knee and spanked.

Had a bizarre customer today, who thought they were a bit 'passe', some people just confuse me, buy these on monday, every guy will love these for sure.

Drumstick Pens from the guys at Suck UK.
A Pair of penils with the drumstick end, great for killing time at the office or doodling.
When trying to get some inspiration, nothing works better than belting out a drum solo with these pencils
SUCK UK produce furniture, lighting, interior products and accessories. Design is mostly by Sam and Jude or selected by them from some of the best designers around the world. Suck UK make the only CD Dividers, Dart Coat Hooks, Glow Bulbs and Graffitti Trains. For british design at its best, Suck UK are the only ones in this field.Suck UK gadgets and gizmos are on top, drumstick pencils are my fave and the guys at Suk UK never fail to surprise.


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