Talk about GOOD service.

Im not normally one to sing peoles praises to much but i must give a big up to the guys at Nixon Watches.
A number of customers had handed Nixon watches into us to get fixed, ie new strap, new face, new battery, all the usual repairs.
2 watches, both a few years old could not be repaired, one needed a new strap the other a new face as the guy had scratched the glass.
So what do Nixon do, for the same price as a repair they give the customers Brand NEW in the box watches, now that is service for you, thats why i have always bought Nixon watches and thats why you should.

It seems everyone has jumped onto the headphone bandwagon, including Nixon, but if the images are anything to go by, then Nixon have improved on the styling of WESC and bettered the quality of Skullcandy.
So, look out for Nixon Headphones


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