Bags, Bags & more Bags

This coming year will see the bag section double in size, decided that the 'Manhattan Portage' bags will continued to be carried, but in more depth.

We will carry most of the new styles and some of the classic fits and do each one in 5 or 6 colours, so should be sitting with about 30 or 40 options for you, should have the best instore range in the UK, will be landing instore about March.

Eastpak is a brand i have been looking at for the past year and decided to order it for the store, also landing about March, but not the basic rucksack, the £40-£60 range, with great fabrics and some good shapes, so look out for it landing instore and online.

Now for something a bit special, Eley Kishimoto has done a colab with Eastpak, only a few hundred of each bag for the UK, we have this range for Glasgow, don't think anyone else has it, but could be wrong, the bags are great, classic Eley design and will be lnding instore early next year.

Eley Kishimoto EASTPAK


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