No Photographs, please!

Act of shameless self-promotion...

I'm reading tomorrow night at the last ever "Reading Allowed" Night. Thanks to big David Manderson for doing all these nights and for giving me spots alongside some top writers over the years such as Louise Welsh and Rodge Glass. Come out and heckle me or try and get an autograph as I'm huckled from the VIP area to my waiting car, throngs of paparazzi baying for news of my new novel. Maybe not the latter.

Come along to

The “Reading Allowed”

at the 

Tchai Ovna Teahouse (South Side)

169 Deanston Drive

Friday 12th December 2008, 8.00 pm


Tracy Patrick
David Manderson
Lynsey Calderwood
Catherine Czerskawska
Mark Buckland

plus guests
Live music by Wing and a Prayer

All Welcome


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