Noticed the great new LeBron ad that Fraser put up. While this is now a bit old, the best moment of all basketball this season for me (I'll include a Rockets championship in this) is Stuart Tanner, the English streetball presenter and not-half-bad player, vs Devin Harris who is the starting one spot for the Nets and has hung stupid amounts of points on the best NBA teams this year.

Harris vs Tanner, in England, for pride. Tanner in the street clothes, Harris in the sweats. And also American, which should help to separate the two.

In other ball stuff, much as I love the Boom Tho' stuff on Rod Benson's blog, Big Benson directed his readers to the blog of Gabe Muoneke (try saying that while eating.) Muoneke is a former NBA bench guy, now playing in China. I've never read such an eloquent, well-written, thoughtful and all round entertaining series of articles on life as a pro-sportsman-subjects like long road trips, the lack of glamour at roaming the world trying to get a game and being beaten up by entire Chinese teams. Go read both blogs, very entertaining.



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