THE RZA in Glasgow

Quite a coup for the Goodlife guys, they got an interview with the legend that is THE RZA when he was in glasgow last, read it in full at their blog here.

Wee snippet here, but check it out at the blog.

How are you enjoying producing soundtracks for movies andalso acting?

Producing soundtracks for movies has been a joy for me, a chance for meto really express my musical talent and acting in movies is the biggestego stroke you can get. I mean there’s nothing cooler than being a fuckingmovie star besides hip-hop.

How did you get involved with the American Gangster movie?

Well I did a movie called Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Annistonand people thought I did good, they liked me. Then they called me in toread for the part for American Gangster, I read for the part. First of all I readfor a small part, then did my screen tests, but then they gave me a big part!Can’t beat that!!!


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