It's Christmaaaaaas!

Well, merry christmas to you all. Hope today is a great day for you all and everyone has a great big family/friends meal, drinks far too much mulled wine and falls asleep in front of the TV watching total crap on the box.

Just to remind you, that Boxing Day bargains are to be had at the Buddha. Leslie and I will be on hand to get the banter going (or try to at least, our lack of humour doesn't help) and help you get what you need. There's up to 50% off on many items, the clothing is seriously discounted now and still fresh as. Not quite got all your Xmas stuff for people you thought you'd see next week? Fancy grabbing yourself a treat? Full range of sizes in clothes, mucho toys, great books, lots of paint, funky shoe paint, best hats around-so get yourself down early to 21 Bath St, Glasgow cause it's gonna be great.

Now, normally my blog posts are rants and raves that cause my blood pressure to rise and our reader's eyes to roll or eyebrows to rise. Today, let's keep it lighthearted.

NORAD-a scary dystopian monster from the US that tracks nearly all airspace. But today, they've teamed up with google for a brilliant thing-they're tracking Santa.

Santa is making his way around the globe and should be finished by Xmas morning our time (GMT). He's quick, I'll give you that, he's got the present delivering down to a tee. Last I checked he was jetting over Omsk in Russia, dropping presents off to all good Siberian children.

You can check the big man on his rounds here and kids, you can learn about geography and world landmarks as Santa flies around them in wee videos.

Well, good luck to the big fellar in the red and white, he's got a busy schedule. Merry Christmas to everyone, now go open all those nice things and give generously.

And what am I getting for Christmas? A visit from the ghosts of Christmas' past, present and future. I'll be getting a big turkey for my neighbour Tiny Tim in the morning.




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