Unionism in Action

Was sent this brilliant video on the tactics of advocates of the Union of the UK to demoralise, demonise and dismantle the movement for Scottish (and English) independence. 


Anonymous said…
Great post!

The point about Scottish news is definately true. When was the last time you saw a Scottish murder on the national news?

Another problem we are facing is the loss of our national press. It is very important for our national consciousness that we retain it. I noticed a prime example 2 weeks ago:

There was a report about budget cuts in Scottish broadcasting in the Herald. The main point of it was that there was less drama comissioned in Scotland in 2007 than 2006.

The same story was reported very differently in the Scottish edition of the Metro (bearing in mind that this is essentially a UK paper). They reported that there was more tv output from Scotland! Turns out that, yes there was more hours of Scottish tv if you count adverts as part of the programming, if you don't however, there was actaully less.

So there you have two reports on the same issue, one revealing the facts about budget cuts. The other; being ecconomical with the truth in order to push their unionist agenda.

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