Techno Tuesdays (or Wednesdays..?)

A couple of months ago I came up with a brilliant idea with my good friend Weasal: Every Tuesday night, we get together at my place for dinner and play a couple of hours of dirty house and techno, then congratulate ourselves on a job well done.

We managed a few Tuesdays for about the first month, but quickly got sidetracked by the amazing food laid out by my sidekick Possum. Our plan fell by the wayside and we hadn't met for our mid-week session for some time now.

Last night saw the end to the DJ-shenanigans drought. I know its wasn't a Tuesday, but Wednesday is close enough right? We managed to squeeze in 4 hours of ripe techy-housey-nonsense with not only the wonderful Weasal, but also her partner in crime AnnaPants who is up from the south coast for the week. I'm waiting on some recording gear arriving this week, so the next Techno Tuesday could be landing on the Fat Buddha Blog soon. Stay tuned, cos I've got two weeks off at Christmas to do hee-haw apart from spin!

As well as beasting the decks for 4 hours last night, we also gathered our thoughts on Friday's masterpiece which was the Pressure 10th Birthday. We all had a fantastic time, definitely one of the best Pressure nights in a long time. Despite Carl Craig, DJ Yoda and Dusty Kid all cancelling at the last minute, the rest of the bill stepped up and more than filled the night. Jesse Rose played a pretty good set in the middle arch (although my interest was waning at some points - come on Jesse!), but Boys Noize definitely stole the show with one of the best techno sets I've heard in a long time keeping the main arch packed until 5am. I was in bed by midnight though. Honest.

Check out the 40-minute technomentory (can I say that?) on Pressure over at Its got clips of the club over the past 10 years and a few interviews with the guests that keep coming back to one of the best club nights on the planet. There should be more videos from the Pressure crew over the next few months, I'll repost them as soon as they appear.

If you are planning to going to go out this weekend, then check out Sei A/Droido, Harri and Domenic at Subculture this saturday. Before last week I hadn't heard about Andy Seinan who goes by the monikers 'Sei A' and 'Droido' but after having a dig around his MySpace and SoundCloud pages, I have to say I like what I hear. The upcoming releases on his MySpace page tells me that we're going to be hearing a fair bit about this guy in 2009. One more thing.. from the Subculture Blog:
This is a full live thing with vocalist, the lot.
This should be an interesting night: I haven't heard a live vocalist at the Sub for a long time, plus Domenic is back this week which is always a treat! I think I'll be heading down to the Subby on Saturday night to check it out. Heres the lowdown:
  • What: Sei A/Droido, Harri and Domenic
  • Where: Subclub, Jamaica Street, Glasgow
  • How Much: Free before 11, £5 b4 12, £10 efter.
See you there, and enjoy yer weekends!



Anonymous said…
There's loads of videos from The Arches on, same guys that did the video

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