A Happy Mithras to all

It is I, Mark the Grinch-I have come to spoil your festive celebration through know-it-all, bloody annoying mannerisms. 

Today, we'll be having a pop at the upcoming celebration of winter hijacked by Christians. It's called Christmas now. It wasn't always.

This isn't the best depiction of the theft of ideas and theories by Christians, but this documentary does give a very brief overview of Mithras, the original Jesus. See the end scene of 'Spartacus' for a similar reaction. ("No, I'm the son of God and saviour of the world!")

Mithras was celebrated on December 25th. He died and was reborn. Virgin birth. Three wise men. Suppers of bread and wine. Healing the sick, feeding pure hunners of people. You may have heard his story before. See Jesus, Ra, bits of Zoroaster et al etc.

Effectively, what you end up with is two corporations selling the same product, repackaged slightly, vying for customers and attempting to persuade people in high places to tighten laws to favour their product. They actively encourage disinformation, illiteracy and ignorance to sell more of their product and often use fear and intimidation to increase their customer base. Their profits are obscene and they use their lobbyists to duck paying tax. They alter the product based on the time, place and culture. Hence why you get Jesus being born in a bus shelter. Non-existent omnipotent being and creator, give me strength.

So there you go. When you're gathered round the table for this year's corporate appraisal festival, remember this and feel very cynical and glum.

I'll be having a very Scrooge-esque Xmas as you may have guessed.



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