Goodwill Amongst Independant Retailers

Its hard trading just now, no-ones got money to spend and everyone is skint, me included

But its good to know that us independants in Glasgow send customers to each other, just had a guy in this morning sent from Goodlife, fair enough it was only a £3 pair of laces he was after, but these £3 soon add up, yesterday the guys at Aspecto sent a guy up who bought a £100 Carhartt jacket.  £100 not to be sniffed at, the guy thn returned today and dropped another £70.

In return i get lots of tourists, (we advertise on tourist maps) and when they ask about good shopping places in Glasgow i always tell them about Goodlife, Aspecto & Focus.

So its festive cheer here and good on the independants and thanks to the guys at Goodlife, Aspecto & Focus


Anonymous said…
hey when people come into ozzys asking about the sneaker key chains we always give u a shout out. lol i need to come check out the new-look store soon. fawaz

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