Brand Baloney

What makes a brand a brand, Levis, Nike, Disney & Coke all big brands, take it down a level you have Gap, Zara, Abercrombie & Emu all brands, next level you have Asos, Superdry, Bench & Reebok.

Then you get guys like Sneaktip, Acapulo Gold,Worn By & Elwood, all supposed brands, ask the average person in the street, who these guys are, never heard of them, how can you be brand that no-one exept a tiny circle of streetwear buyers knows.

People asume because they make t/shirts, stick their label on it and give it a name its a brand, i get 6-8 emails a week from some crew telling me about their new brand they have launched doing a fly range of t/shirts, they then want the t/shirt to sell for £30, you buy a £2 t/shirt, stick a £1.50 print on it, get your mom to stitch a label and viola you have a £30 T, indeed you have.
We used t make our own t/shirts at flip, brand them up and sold them onto stores, so if i an do it anyone can do it, but your not a brand, your a guy doing T's, people can make their own t/shirt.
I can remember getting all arsy about our so called brand, thinking about the range for next year, i seriously did use the word range to describe some t/shirt prints, we were selling t/shirts to Red Square in Middlesborough and also to Triads, all good stores in the same town, and got approached by another store in the town and had to say the words 'only 2 stockists per tow', for the love of the big man, up your own arse or what

Ask the average person in Glasgow have you heard of Fat Buddha, Goodlife or Focus and the answer is no, the niche we work in is to small to perculate up to the average psyche


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